Thursday, August 23, 2012

MINDset~For Giving!

MINDset~For Giving! ...I Love Listening to the Holy Spirit when she (wisdom was referred to as a she,teaching coming soon) says's so awesome when you're able to bless someone unexpectedly! Yesterday as I'm checking out at the cash register (the only one in line, at the moment) a song just continued to play in my head...I shared it with the cashier and kept singing, "So Blessed" (Jill Scott) ...then as I was ju
st about to pay for my stuff, I looked up from the card swipe keypad and there was that voice..."Pay for her stuff"...Ook ...I look at the cashier and tell her (pointing) to ring that stuff too...she looked a little puzzled, and then proceeded to tell me that all my stuff had been rung up! I smiled and said I know ring hers up too!...she said, with your stuff...again "Yes!" Another coworker was also standing there just looking like, OK! The customer retrieved her items said, Thank You!, and the cashier said keep singing as I left! I was the one Blessed...oh how Good it is to be able to Give! Blessings~ Jo Grace
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