Friday, August 10, 2012

What Do You Need to Survive, Really Thrive… Food? Water? Air? Facebook?

Mindset ~What Do You Need to Survive, Really Thrive… 
Food? Water? Air? Facebook?
Because a large percentage (up to 60%) of the body is made up of water, and each day it uses water, it must be replenished…and the lack of water will have a major impact on how well your organs function! (the brain is composed of 70% water) So you may feel fatigued, a lack of energy, lethargic, and your skin will begin to show signs of dehydration! We know it’s possible to survive without food, but without water, surely death is near! How many days do you think you could live without water?  You probably wouldn’t even think of trying it? 

Following that same mindset but using this thought, Mind, Body, and Spirit…let’s say one-third of our being is Spirit, and like water it is used daily!  Un-Replenished you began to experience spiritual fatigue, depressed, uninspired, and unenthusiastic about life…and at some point you will experience a spiritual death! Like the signs that show up on dehydrated skin as fine lines, and wrinkles…it is the same with your life!  Replenishing your spirit (with music) brings movement back to your body, and singing (from your heart) stimulates your mind so that it can create! Creating is an expression of a spirit-led, spirit-fed life! And just as the natural body requires food for nourishment…the spirit must be fed spiritual food daily! So let’s ask that question again…How many day’s do you think you could live without your spirit?  Oh, but so many are trying it? 20% Living in Spirit, amongst the 80% of the walking dead! Is your Spirit alive? Can others see it? If not, open your bible, download some fresh spiritual software! #BeRenewedinTheSpiritofYourMind~Ephesians 4:23, John 4:24, Restore~Isaiah 38:16

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